Mobility Fee Update

Effective Date: 16th of February 2024

New Fee Structure: Our fee will be adjusted from the current 15% to 18%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is mobility increasing its fee now?

This is our first fee increase since we started in 2018. The adjustment is necessary to keep pace with the evolving market and the rising costs needed to reinvest in our platform and services, whether that be our comprehensive suite of insurance policies or the friendly mobility staff that support you.

How will this affect capped rates with provider partners?

To minimise the impact of this 3% increase on the Independent contractors in our marketplace, we have made the decision to pass this on to Providers and increase capped rates accordingly.

Will bookings already scheduled be affected by the new rate?

Bookings that commence before the fee increase will be charged at the existing rate. Only bookings that begin after the 16th of February 2024 will be impacted.

How will this impact my earnings for shifts with capped rates?

Your earnings should not be affected by the change.  The only time this may slightly affect your earnings is if a participant of the NDIS has booked services directly at the current NDIS cap rate, which we are unable to adjust.

What happens if I have an overnight booking that spans the effective date of the fee increase? Will part of my booking be at the new rate?

For overnight bookings that span the date when the new fee structure comes into effect, we will apply the fee rate based on the commencement time of the booking. This means:

  • If your booking starts before the effective date of the fee increase, the entire duration of that booking will be billed at the current rate.
  • Conversely, if your booking starts on or after the effective date, the new fee rate will apply to the whole booking.

We aim to ensure fairness and transparency in how these changes are implemented. If you have specific questions about your upcoming bookings or need further clarification, please contact us at or 1300 438 227




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