Your safety is our number one priority

  • Your safety
  • If something goes wrong
  • Panic alarm
  • Location tracking
  • Notifications
  • Team environments
  • Safety checks
  • Mandatory training
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Information safe
  • Reporting

While platforms like this can make managing care much easier, they can often be pretty impersonal. We went all out when we designed mobility, making sure we put you at the centre of it all, and prioritised safety for both participants and workers. Safety technologies are built into the heart of the app, for you to access easily and instantly.

Mobility has implemented the highest standards of safety, with extensive verification and identity checks, live location tracking, access to over $250 of training provided for free, vehicle roadworthy certificates and geotagged timesheets.

If something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.

All bookings made through mobility are fully insured. The support worker will have Public Indemnity and Professional Liability cover for all work delivered through the mobility platform.

Panic alarm built into the mobility app

When the app is open, shaking your device will initiate a call to your emergency contact. This is an active feature for both workers and clients.

If you decide you don’t want this function, it can be de-activated via the app settings.

Location tracking for bookings

On mobility, client accounts can be linked to friends and family, who can then see their schedule of bookings. They can also be notified when a support worker commences and completes a care shift, including the geographical proximity of the support worker for peace of mind.

For registered providers, it’s a benefit too. At the beginning of every shift, support workers are geo-located on a map with a timestamp. The agency can see that their employee has arrived at the premises, verifying that workers are where they say they are. This reduces opportunities for fraudulent activity and greatly aids in compliance.

In the near future we will be launching last mile tracking so that clients can look at the map to see how far off their support worker is, right up to the second they arrive on their doorstep.

With this update, mobility will send a push notification reminder to the participant, reminding them who’s coming over and at what time. This means that it won’t matter if you forget who you booked. The reminder will show you the care worker who’s due to arrive, and display their profile for you to check out before you open the door.

Communication and notifications

There are push notifications for all actions on the app made by support workers. Notifications include new messages, clocking ON and OFF at the beginning and end of shifts, and warnings. Instant messaging connects the support worker, client, and entire care team.

Team environments

Mobility has an inbuilt communication tool to cover last-minute booking cancellations. When clients build a team, those workers can communicate with one another so that if someone calls in sick, the team can sort out gaps in your care and organise to cover shifts amongst themselves.

Strict safety checks and verification process in place

When it comes to safety checks and verifications on workers, mobility has some of the highest level and most rigorous systems in the industry. For worker accounts to be active on mobility, they must first complete, obtain and provide the following checks and documents for verification:

  • Police Check
  • Working With Children Check - if working with children
  • Upload copies of all relevant certifications and qualifications - which are sighted and verified by mobility
  • Roadworthy certificate for cars if providing assisted rides
  • Current, full driver's license - if providing assisted rides
  • Copy of car insurance policy - if providing assisted rides
  • VEVO check, demonstrating they have the right to work in Australia
  • Mandatory training: induction training plus an additional 5 e-learning training modules are available for all support workers free of charge. Mobility partnered with Disability Services Consulting to offer $250 worth of training for free.

Mobility automatically notifies workers and providers when these safety checks are close to expiry. And then we follow up to make sure everything is up to date. Otherwise, workers’ profiles are put on hold until the relevant updates are complete.

Access to up to $250 of Free training

To ensure the highest levels of safety and quality, mobility has made it mandatory for all independent contractor support workers on the platform to undergo training - which we subsidise to the value of up to $250!

Everyone must complete the Induction training module and, depending on the services each worker is delivering, there may be a requirement to complete another course or two. All e-learning training modules are provided for free! Training modules include:

  • Induction
  • Manual Handling
  • Infection Control
  • Mealtime Planning
  • Medication Management
  • Supporting Choice & Control

In short, we want the best quality workers and are willing to invest to get there. This training is specifically crafted by DSC (Disability Service Consulting) Learning. It’s worth over up to $250 and workers receive it for free on mobility.

We provide this training for free to ensure that everyone booked via mobility has the requisite base knowledge to offer a great service. Government estimates are that there’ll be 95,000 new workers by 2020. At mobility we want to help with education to bring more quality, reliable and informed workers into this sector - for you.


A ratings system is in place to create a healthy feedback loop and strong community. That way, providers can see how they’re tracking and clients can choose workers with outstanding reviews and ratings. Poor ratings are quickly addressed.

How we keep you, and your information safe

Mobility’s Privacy Policy is in line with the Privacy Act 1988 and protects all personal data and sensitive information shared with us. To view our Privacy Policy click here.

Reporting: safety concerns and incidents

The safety of our whole community is our priority. We aim for zero incidents, and treat safety concerns as red-alert matters. To report a safety concern, go to the GET HELP section of the app. A team member at mobility will be in contact ASAP.

We care about the community. Mobility has been built with you in mind, so reporting your concerns is straightforward and easy. You can call the hotline on 1300 GET CARE (1300 438 2273), email us on, or access instant messaging help.

For incident reporting during or after bookings, go to the GET HELP section on the mobility app. All incidents reported generate an immediate incident response from the mobility team, the matter is recorded and a member will be in touch via phone ASAP.